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Classic Facial                 $85.00

Renew and Refreshes Skin 50mins

Perfect for Normal to Combination skin type.

This facial is deep cleansing and hydrating leaving skin smooth and soft.


TEENS FACIAL                  $65.00

10yrs-16yrs Acne Prone or Sensitive Skin Type

This facial is  perfect for teens as it is deep cleansing, help to control &

prevent future breakouts. This facial is also great for calming and hydrating

sensitive skin type.

Youth Shield Facial           $120.00

Firm and Tightens  60mins

Bring back your youthful glow with this facial that is  designed

to promote ultra hydration to correct and protect skin from

premature aging. Infused with potent antioxidants that stimulates

cells regeneration and reducing  fine lines and wrinkles.

Fountain of Youth Facial   $155.00

Anti-aging Collagen -Boosting 80mins

Deep hydrating, Age-corrective and collagen-boosting facial which 

is perfect to combat and smooth deep wrinkle and fine lines with 

immediate visible skin lifting and tightening result.

Calm Skin Facial .   $95.00

Sensitive, Rosacea &Sunburn 50mins

Idea for all sensitive skin type especially for sunburn and Rosacea

prone skin type. This facial contains herbal and anti-inflammatory

ingredients to ease redness while claiming irritation &restoring

hydration and smoothing skin.

Acne Facial                 $110.00

Breakouts & Blemish Prone 60mins

Perfect for Acne prone skin type which helps with oil control, large pores,

 clears up active  breakouts and also help to prevent future breakouts. 

Gent's  Facial       $100.00

Ideal for Razor Bumps and Ingrown hairs 50mins

Deep Cleansing , Hydrating and tone skin helps with ingrown hairs

and  helps to prevent future ingrown. This deep cleansing facial

treatment includes steaming , extractions(if needed) and a

relaxing facial massage.

Facial Enhancements

Enhance your  treatment with any one or more treats.

Eye Candy ..………………………$20.00

Soothing  Organic Anti-aging Eye Treatments for Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, Fine Lines & Wrinkles.


Lip Treat ...…………………………$15.00

Get gorgeous, smooth, healthy, and kissable lips with our  Organic Three Step Lip Treatment. Featuring a lip exfoliant, a plumping masque, and  Citrus Lip balm, this three step system has everything you need for voluptuous, pouty lips.

Mini Foot Massage  ...…………………$20.00

The ultimate relaxation for your feet! 

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